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OP Group Research Foundation Dissertation Award 2024 to Mikko Kauppila

Mikko Kauppila’s doctoral thesis “Whither Alpha? Hedge Fund Performance in Voluntary Versus Regulatory Data Sets” wins OP Group Research Foundation Dissertation Award, 2024

More information on the OP Group Research Foundation page

The Foundation for the Advancement of Finnish Securities Markets (SAE) has extended its funding for the GSF until the end of 2027

This funding is vitally important for the GSF as it enables the long-term planning of PhD education in Finland and the organization of regular high-quality PhD courses, research workshops and seminars. The GSF is extremely grateful for the long term funding that we have received from The Foundation for the Advancement of Finnish Securities Markets since the very beginning of the GSF in 2005. Their funding has been instrumental in the development work of the GSF and its PhD course curriculum to match with the highest international standards. The best testimony of the quality is the outstanding placement record of the graduated doctors.

Collaboration with New Research Project Funded by OP Group Research Foundation    

The OP Group Research Foundation has granted 1,2 million euros for a joint research project by Aalto University, University of Jyväskylä and University of Vaasa. The GSF will collaborate with the research group by organizing doctoral courses and research seminars on financial institutions and intermediation. The research seminars will be organized within the Helsinki Finance Seminar series.  

OP Group Research Foundation’s press release on the new research project

University of Jyväskylä joins the GSF as a new member university in June 2022 

By joining the GSF, the University of Jyväskylä can offer their master students in the Banking and International Finance programme an option to continue their studies towards a doctoral degree after graduation. The option to pursue doctoral studies by following the GSF curriculum will further increase the appeal of the Master’s Degree Programme in Banking and International Finance in Jyväskylä and enhance the recruitment of international students.

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