Summer Workshop in Finance

Time: June 9, 2023

Place: Lapland Hotels Oulu (address: Kirkkokatu 3, Oulu)

Objectives: The workshop is targeted for doctoral students of the GSF and FDPE. The workshop offers doctoral students a forum to present their research and to get in advance prepared comments from a senior researcher and other participants. Papers at a preliminary stage can be presented at the workshop too.

Call for papers:


Arrival instructions: PDF

Participants: Doctoral students and faculty members

GSF students: The GSF will reimburse GSF doctoral students presenting a paper at the workshop for their travel costs (cheapest mode of transportation) and accommodation. The accommodation is booked by GSF. No daily allowances will be paid. For instructions, please contact the GSF office in advance.

FDPE students: Please negotiate travel reimbursement with your own university.


Please register for the workshop through this link.

PhD students presenting a paper: The deadline for registrations is May 10, 2023. When registering, please provide a title and an abstract for your paper. Please send the final version of your paper in pdf-format to by May 31, 2023.

PhD students and faculty members participating without a paper: Please register through the above link. The deadline for registrations is May 10, 2023.

If you have any questions, please contact