PhD Dissertations by Students


Malik, Ali 2023 "Essays on the Impact of Policy Uncertainty on the Financial Markets", Hanken School of Economics

Zhang, Lidan 2023 "Exploring the Financial Landscape of China: Political Connections, Geopolitical Uncertainty and Renminbi Internationalization", Hanken School of Economics

Ahmed, Shaker 2023 "Essays on Executive Characteristics, Risk-taking, and Compensation in the Banking Industry", University of Vaasa

Pitkäjärvi, Aleksi 2023 "Essays on Time Series Momentum", Aalto University

Finne, Gustav 2023 "Essays on Asset Pricing and Corporate QE", Hanken School of Economics


Kauppila, Mikko 2022 "Whither Alpha? Hedge Fund Performance in Voluntary Versus Regulatory Data Sets", University of Oulu

Fatmy, Veda 2022 "Essays on Corporate Social Responsibility and its Efficacy in Value Creation", University of Vaasa

Sapkota, Niranjan 2022 "Essays on the New Blockchain-Based Digital Financial Market: Risks and Opportunities", University of Vaasa

Yu, Wenjia 2022 "Essays on Sustainable Mutual Funds", Aalto University

Savolainen, Ville 2022 "Theoretical Essays in Blockchain Economics and Asset Pricing", Hanken School of Economics


Yasar, Sara 2021 "Essays on Bank Liquidity Creation", University of Vaasa

Huhtamäki, Fredrik 2021 "Corporate Leadership and Utility from Non-Pecuniary Factors: Essays on Workplace Safety, Shared Leadership, and Long-Term Orientation", Hanken School of Economics

Li, Yijie 2021 "Essays on Investor Broker Behavior and Equity Markets", Aalto University


Ruman, Asif 2020 "Dividends, Fed's Total Assets, Outside Money and Stock Market Performance", University of Oulu

Jiang, Junhua 2020 "Essays on Financial Connectedness", University of Vaasa

Hannula, Mika 2020 "Essays on Strategic Trading", University of Turku

Vasudevan, Ellapulli 2020 "Essays on Investor Behavior and Bank Culture", Aalto University

Salehi, Hamed 2020 "The Use of EFTs and Protective Option Strategies by Delegated Asset Managers", University of Oulu


Meyer, Niclas 2019 "Essays on Stakeholder-Related Corporate Misconduct and Consequences for CEOs and Directors", Hanken School of Economics

Klemola, Antti 2019 "Essays on Irrational Investors' Behavioral Biases and Pricing Efficiency", University of Vaasa

Paaso, Mikael 2019 "Essays on Entrepreneurial Finance", Aalto University

Vokatá, Petra 2019 "Essays on Financial Innovation", Aalto University

Huang, Kun, 2019 "Implied Volatility and Option Pricing Models", Hanken School of Economics


Karell, Ville, 2018 "Essays on Stock Market Anomalies", Lappeenranta University of Technology

Haapalainen, Tuomo, 2018 "Essays on the Effects of Past Gains on Subsequent Risk-Taking and Stock Returns", University of Oulu

Iqbal, Jamshed, 2018 "Essays on the Relationship between Corporate Governance Mechanisms and Risk-Taking by Financial Institutions", University of Vaasa

Sihvonen, Markus, 2018 "Essays on the Aggregate Effects of Frictions and Biases", Aalto University

Niemenmaa, Mikko, 2018 "Differences of Opinion in the Stock Market", Aalto University



Dimic, Nebojsa, 2017 "Essays on Emerging Market Finance", University of Vaasa

Conlin, Andrew, 2017 "Essays on Personality Traits and Investor Behavior", University of Oulu



Kotkatvuori-Örnberg, Juha, 2016 "Essays on heterogeneous news flow on volatility", University of Vaasa

Orlov, Vitaly, 2016, "Essays on Currency Anomalies", University of Vaasa

Luotonen, Niilo, 2016, "Essays on Investment Decisions of Households Across the Wealth Spectrum", Aalto University

Zhang, Mo, 2016, "Essays on Mispricing in the Chinese Stock Market", Hanken School of Economics

Gonzalez, David, 2016 "Essays on Mutual Fund Performance", Hanken School of Economics

Okat, Deniz, 2016, "Essays on Auditing, Banking, and Political Bargaining", Aalto University

Xie, Yamin, 2016, "Essays on corporate finance and governance", Hanken School of Economics

Rantala, Ville, 2016 "Essays on Peer Effects in Finance", Aalto University

Sergey Osmekhin, 2016 "Essays on Algorithmic Trading", Hanken School of Economics

Jesper Haga, 2016 "Essays on Asset Pricing Anomalies, Information Flow and Risk", Hanken School of Economics



Antti Lehtoranta, 2015, "Essays on the effects of childhood experiences on household decision making", Aalto University.

Pettersson, John, 2015, "Essays on Momentum and Risk", Hanken School of Economics

Joonas Hämäläinen, 2015, "Portfolio selection under directional return predictability", University of Turku



Grobys, Klaus, 2014,  "Essays on Empirical Asset Pricing", University of Vaasa

Saarela, Helinä, 2014, "The Influence of Self-Perceived, Subjective Attributes on Investment Behavior", University of Oulu

Blomkvist, Magnus, 2014, "Essays on Market States, Firm Growth and Corporate Finance Decisions", Hanken School of Economics

Tolonen, Pekka, 2014 "Three Essays on Hedge Fund Performance", University of Oulu

Délèze, Frédéric, 2014, "Essays in Quantitative Analysis of The Effects of Market Imperfections on Asset Returns", Hanken School of Economics

Pöyry, Salla, 2014 "Essays on Financial Market Frictions and Imperfections", Hanken School of Economics

Wang, Peng, 2014 "Four Essays on Corporate Finance of Chinese Listed Firms", Hanken School of Economics

Davydov, Denis, 2014 "Essays on Debt Financing, Firm Performance, and Banking in Emerging Markets", University of Vaasa



Kinnunen, Jyri, 2013 "Risk-Return Trade-off and Autocorrelation", Lappeenranta University of Technology

Butt, Hilal Anwar, 2013 "Asset Pricing in Small Sized Developed Markets", Hanken School of Economics

Piljak, Vanja, 2013 "Essays on the Co-movement Dynamics of Frontier/Emerging and Developed Financial Markets", University of Vaasa

Virk, Nader, 2013, "Explanations for Finnish Stock Returns with Fundamental and Anomalous Risk", Hanken School of Economics

Sihvonen, Jukka, 2013, "Essays on Information and Externalities in Financial Markets", University of Vaasa

Fedorova, Elena, 2013, "Interdependence of Emerging Eastern European Stock Markets", Lappeenranta University of Technology



Leivo, Timo, 2012, "Pricing Anomalies in the Finnish Stock Market", Lappeenranta University of Technology

Kuttu, Saint, 2012, "Essays on Volatility and Time Varying Conditional Jumps in Thinly Traded African Financial Markets", Hanken School of Economics

Kalle Rinne, 2012, "Essays on Price Impact and Provision of Immediacy", Aalto University

Petri Jylhä, 2012, "Essays on the Economics of Hedge Funds", Aalto University



Kokkonen, Joni, 2011, "Essays on Asset Pricing, Portfolio Choice and Investments", Aalto University



Joenväärä, Juha, 2010, "Essays on Hedge Fund Performance and Risk", University of Oulu

Badshah, Ishan Ullah, 2010, "Modeling and Forecasting Implied Volatility: Implications for Trading, Pricing and Risk Management", Hanken School of Economics



Peltomäki, Jarkko, 2009, "Do Investors Benefit from the Use of Options and Complexity of Derivative Strategy of a Hedge Fund?", University of Vaasa

Ahmed, Sheraz, 2009, "Essays on Corporate Governance and the Quality of Disclosed Earnings", Hanken School of Economics

Westman, Hanna, 2009, "Corporate Governance in European Banks: Essays on Bank Ownership", Hanken School of Economics

Saleem, Kasif, 2009, "Essays on Pricing of Risk and International Linkage of Russian Stock Market", Lappeenranta University of Technology

Nyberg, Peter, 2009 "Essays on Risk and Return", Hanken School of Economics

Thurlin, Arto, 2009, "Essays on Market Microstructure: Price Discovery and Informed Trading", Hanken School of Economics

Hussain, Syed Mujahid, 2009, "Intraday Dynamics of International Equity Markets", Hanken School of Economics

Lehenkari, Mirjam, 2009, "Essays on the Effects of Gains and Losses on the Trading Behaviour of Individual Investors in the Finnish Stock Market", University of Oulu



Sandström, Annika, 2008, "Political Risk in Credit Evaluation: Empirical Studies and Survey Results", Hanken School of Economics

Rokkanen, Nikolas, 2008, "Corporate Funding on the European Debt Capital Market", Hanken School of Economics

Kulp-Tåg, Sofie, 2008, "Modeling nonlinearities and asymmetries in asset prices", Hanken School of Economics



Knüpfer, Samuli, 2007, "Essays on Household Finance", Helsinki School of Economics

Huang, Chunyang, 2007, "Essays on Corporate Governance Issues in China", Helsinki School of Economics

Kyröläinen, Petri, 2007, "Essays on Investor Behavior and Trading Activity", University of Oulu

Janne Äijö, 2007, "Essays on Macroeconomic News Announcements and Option-Implied Information", University of Vaasa



Ji, Gang, 2006, "Corporate Governance in China", Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration

Rantapuska, Elias, 2006, "Essays on Investment Decisions of Individual and Institutional Investors", Helsinki School of Economics

Wilhelmsson, Anders, 2006, "Essays on the Modeling and Prediction of Volatility and Higher Moments of Stock Returns", Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration



Karakozova,Olga, 2005, "Modelling and Forecasting Property Rents and Returns", Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration

Toivonen, Harri, 2005, "Modeling, Valuation and Risk Management of Commodity Derivatives", Helsinki School of Economics



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